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Alia Thabit

A Weekend with Michelle Joyce

International Dancer, Teacher, Posture and Performance Expert!

Michelle Joyce (USA) is an internationally known professional dancer and teacher who also launched and produced the Cheeky Girls Productions and Secrets of the Stage DVDs. She is also a renowned posture expert with a mission to change unhealthy movement patterns. Michelle has delivered a TEDx talk, and her book “Posture Makeover” has received national television coverage in both Australia and America. Read more on her website.

In this trip to Sydney, she will be offering 4 very special classes, as well as private lessons:

Saturday 24 November
12.30-2.30pm (2hr): Posture and Body Awareness for Dancers - all levels **1 SPOT LEFT**
3-5pm (2hr): The Perfect Taksim - intermediate / advanced

Sunday 25 November
12-2pm (2hr): Stage Presence - aspiring performers and troupe members
3-6pm (3hr): Shimmies, Isolations and Drum Solo Choreography - Beyond Beginner / Intermediate


2-hr workshop: $75
3-hr workshop (Shimmies): $95
Saturday All Day: $140
Sunday All Day: $160
Full Weekend: $260

Read on for full details and bookings.



Saturday 24 Nov, 12.30-2.30pm ~ All Levels

Ever feel like you’re not comfortable in your own skin? Do some moves feel awkward in your body? Have you ever wondered how to achieve a quality of effortless relaxation when you dance?
This workshop will change the way you hold your body, both inside the dance studio and in your daily life. Most belly dancers make serious posture errors that add tension to the body, decrease coordination and expose them to injury. You’ll feel lighter and more relaxed with just a few simple posture tweaks.
Stop working so hard! Learn how to use your body’s natural movements to enhance your dance, instead of wasting your energy by working against yourself.
Learn some of the common belly dance posture myths (ie: tucking the pelvis protects the lower back, the chest should be puffed out, etc) and understand how they can cause injury. We will explore belly dance specific stretches and exercises that will balance out your body from repetitive dance movements, and talk about ways to continue dancing pain free for your whole life.

Watch Michelle's TEDx talk "Great Grandma was Right - Posture Matters!".


Saturday 24 Nov, 3-5pm ~ Intermediate-Advanced (experienced BBs welcome too)

An ooey gooey, improvised taksim will leave the audience wrapped around your little finger. Explore the sultry, free feeling of losing yourself in the slow, emotional taksim balady. We will emphasise the contrast between pauses and movements, between sharp and soft, and between resistance and flow. Strong emphasis will be placed on projecting to the audience and expressing emotion through movement and facial expressions. Learn how to build a "skeleton choreography" that leaves breathing room for improvisation. 


Sunday 25 Nov, 12-2pm ~ All levels, especially troupe members and aspiring performers

This workshop is all about re-vamping your performance skills!  Good technique is vital but it is only half the story. Michelle discusses connecting with the audience and stage presence - tricks that will set you and/or your troupe apart and make you shine. Learn the dynamics of a stage show and explore methods of adding polish and professionalism to your dance.  
We will also address issues of nervousness, stage fright, improvisation and accident recovery. This workshop has an emphasis on learning techniques for attaining relaxation and calmness before and while we dance - vital skills for professionals and students!
(Please bring a veil.)

Here's a sneak preview of some of Michelle's expertise around performing in different contexts.


Sunday 25 Nov, 3-6pm ~ Beyond Beginner / Intermediate

Some of the most iconic moves in bellydance are shimmies, belly rolls, hip locks, and chest isolations. Do yours need a tune-up, or are you stuck for how to combine them and match them to music? Develop your technique through drilling the moves individually, then put them together as we build up into layering and combinations. We then put these techniques together into a drum solo choreography: one of the most fun and crowd-pleasing kinds of routine, and the highlight of any dance show!

Performance Opportunity: Students who learn and continue to rehearse this routine may be invited to showcase it at the Inspire Bellydance "Ladies' Lounge" on Sunday 16 December.

Workshop location:

Workshops 1-3: Electric Dance N' Arts, 6/394 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW
Workshop 4: Amera's Palace Bellydance Boutique, 2/314 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW

Both studios are fully mirrored and air conditioned, and are only 2 mins walk apart. Parking is available behind Amera's Palace on Tuohy Lane, or public transport by train to Marrickville (10 mins walk) or buses along Marrickville Rd.


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We can't wait to dance with you!

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