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2019 "Summer Series" Workshops

Dance, drum and movement classes in the January school holidays: North Shore and Inner West Sydney

Summer Series Workshops


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Most dance classes close down altogether over the summer school holidays. But don't lose your mojo! Refresh your skills, try out a new style, explore new aspects of Arabic arts, or just lose yourself in the joy of dance. Most workshops are open to ALL LEVELS.

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Timetable and Descriptions

Each workshop runs for 2 hours, 7-9pm. Arrive any time from 6.45pm to get ready.

Topic Teacher Date Venue
The Ecstasy of Tarab Christine Monday 17 December, 7-9pm Ashfield studio: 40 Milton St
Khaleegy Johara Monday 21 Jan, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Get your Groove On Caroline Wednesday 23 Jan, 7-9pm Rozelle Studio: 57 Nelson St
Arabic Drumming Ali Wednesday 30 Jan, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Real Tahtib Rachel Thursday 31 Jan, 7-9pm Rozelle Studio: 57 Nelson St

Christine Yaven (Jakarta) - The Ecstasy of Tarab

Monday 17 December, 7-9pm in AshfieldChristine Yaven

What is Tarab? What does it mean? How does it relate to bellydance? Christine will explain the meaning of Tarab and how it relates to music and to dance, and more importantly how it relates to you as the dancer. Learn how to choose the right song, differentiate between the parts suitable for dance, and parts suitable for emoting. We will also work on a choreography structure to a classic oriental song that can be personalized to suit each person.

Christine Yaven is the principal of Bellydance Jakarta, Indonesia's premier bellydance school. She is an expert choreographer, and a knowledgable teacher who specialises in classic Egyptian style.

Johara - Khaleegy

JoharaMonday 21 January, 7-9pm in Chatswood

Khaleegy is a term used across the Middle East to describe anything deriving from the Gulf Region: there are versions of this stunning dance performed in Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The dance is considered very feminine, with an emphasis on upper body movement, hair tosses, gliding footwork, subtle hip moves, and playing with the beautiful traditional "thobe nashaal" dress. Khaleegy moves and rhythms are often woven into a modern cabaret Bellydancer’s set. This workshop will introduce you to the mood, music and feeling of the style, along with the key moves that distinguish this delightful dance.

Level: As Khaleegy style is very different from classic bellydance, you need not be an experienced bellydancer to join this class, but knowledge of the foundations is beneficial (not recommended for absolute beginners).

Johara's style draws from her extensive knowledge of Egyptian folkloric, classical and modern dance. She integrates fluid footwork, graceful turns and spins with dynamic hip and belly movements. Her classes are informative and full of detail, including insights into the relevant anatomy and muscle work to achieve clarity and precision in your movements.

Caroline - Get Your Groove On

Wednesday 23 January, 7-9pm in RozelleRachel Bond Bellydancer

Imagine you’re on a dancefloor. It could be in a club, at your cousin’s wedding, or just the dancefloor of your bedroom. A good tune starts playing. Are you ready to boogie? ‘Get Your Groove On’ is a workshop designed to get anyone and everyone up off their seats, feeling the music, and having a groove. The class is a succession of dance-based exercises working on rhythm, creativity, listening to impulse, improvisation, interacting with others, overcoming shyness, and dancing from the heart. We play great tunes ranging from the 60’s til' now, and we'll definitely get you moving, grooving, and having a great time.

Open to all ages, fitness levels and genders; to those who already love to dance, and (especially!) to those who feel like they’ve got two left feet.

Although Caroline's initial dance training was in the strict world of ballet, she has spent most of her life learning to again move freely, improvise without right or wrong, and from the heart. She is a warm, nurturing facilitator who creates a safe space for students to play and learn. Her current mission is to invite people who feel nervous about freely expressing themselves through movement to begin to do so again.

Ali - Arabic Drumming

Wednesday 30 January, 7-9pm in ChatswoodRachel Bond Bellydancer

An introduction to a range of different Arabic rhythms on the tabla / darbuka. Learn to play a "doum", "tek" and "ka"; and put them together into the basic rhythms, with more intricate solos if time permits.

No drum? No worries! Drum hire is available for a small extra fee (please contact Ali directly to book drum hire).Please feel free to bring extra percussion instruments, such as riqs (Arabic tambourine) and zills.

Suitable for absolute beginners or those with a little percussion experience who feel rusty and need a refresher.

Ali Higson runs the long established Amera's Palace Bellydance School and Boutique, in Marrickville, Sydney, where she also teaches Arabic percussion. Ali has a fun and dynamic teaching style. With decades of performance experience behind her, and 20 years of playing Arabic percussion, she has oodles of knowledge to share. Her passion is rhythm interpretation for the bellydancer, and she loves supporting dancers to create their own percussion with confidence and joy.

Rachel - Real Tahtib

Thursday 31 January, 7-9pm in RozelleRachel Bond Bellydancer

Tahtib is an Egyptian martial art that dates back thousands of years, and is still practised in Upper Egypt today. The duel with sticks can be a competition, a social event, a celebration of culture, and potentially also a way of training for self-defence. Despite common misconceptions, it is not a dance; but parries and poses from tahtib are a rich source of inspiration for dancers.

We will put Tahtib into historical and cultural context, and look at the structure of a game. Learn the typical opening sequences or ‘taheya’, be introduced to some fundamental concepts of attacking and defensive moves, and try more movements both with a partner and solo. As well as exploring Tahtib for its own sake, folklore and oriental dancers will uncover ways to give their stick dancing a more authentic Saidi look and feel.

While traditional Tahtib is only practised by men, women are of course also welcome here. No dance or martial arts experience is needed.

Limited sticks are available for loan: please enquire when booking.

Rachel is the principal of Inspire Bellydance; you can read more about her here. She has always loved stick dances, and recently spent time in Upper Egypt to learn more about both Tahtib and stick dancing from the true masters of these arts. See a little taste of her men's style Saidi dance with stick in this video; and watch some footage of real Tahtib, and related background info, on this compilation.

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