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2019-2020 "Summer Series" Workshops

Dance and rhythm classes in the school holidays:
North Shore Sydney

Most dance classes close down altogether over the summer school holidays. But don't lose your mojo! Refresh your skills, try out a new style, or just lose yourself in the joy of dance and music.

Summer Series 2020

Timetable and Descriptions

Each workshop runs for 2 hours, 7-9pm. Arrive any time from 6.45pm to get ready.

Topic Teacher Date Venue
Arms and Hands Christine Monday 16 December, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Intro to Samba Tami Fogueira Monday 13 January, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Arabic Percussion Ali Higson Wednesday 15 January, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Muwashha Tara Yasmin Monday 20 January, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St
Iraqi Hacha'a Dance Andrea Wednesday 29 January, 7-9pm Chatswood Studio: 19 Devonshire St

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Read on for descriptions.

Christine Yaven

Christine Yaven (Jakarta) - Arms and Hands

Monday 16 December, 7-9pm

A flick of the wrist, a twist of the elbow, a sensual roll of the shoulder and subtle undulation of the fingers: combined, they add texture, depth and ornamentation to your dance.

In this workshop, students will learn techniques to soften and relax hand and arm movements while incorporating them naturally into their dance and style.

Christine Yaven is the principal of Bellydance Jakarta, Indonesia's premier bellydance school. She is an expert choreographer, and a knowledgable teacher who specialises in classic Egyptian style. Her workshops are always popular and have been highly recommended by previous students.

Tami Fogueira - Introduction to Samba

Monday 13 January, 7-9pmTami Fogueira

Add some Brazilian spice to your repertoire! The energetic Samba no pé has its origins in African cultures that came to Brazil via the slave trade and transformed into a vibrant art form, now associated with colourful carnivals. This workshop will introduce you to the foundation steps and rhythms, as well as the attitude of the Samba dancer. Learn to strut and pose with style! With its joyous energy, glamour, and emphasis on hipwork, samba lends itself readily to fusion with bellydance. In fact that's how this workshop came about: from the Inspire Bellydance crew spontaneously jamming with a Samba group at a festival!

Tami is experienced at working with a range of levels. No specific dance knowledge is assumed, though some dance class experience will definitely be helpful, and moderate fitness is recommended.

Tami Fogueira owns and runs SambaseIre, a Brazilian cultural dance education and entertainment company based in Sydney. Hailing from Jamaica, Tami holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in dance and has trained with some of the world’s top dance companies including the Royal Ballet School in London, Twyla Tharp Dance Company and the Alvin Ailey School of Dance where she discovered samba. She subsequently trained in Brazil for many years and is now an official Passista (Professional Samba Dancer in Brazil). A student of Carlinhos Salgueiro, Tami has been teaching Carlinhos’ Method of Samba no Pé and Passista styling for the past 6 years in Sydney with the permission of her Mestre she continues to spread his teachings as well as her own tricks and trademark Afro-Contemporary movements in her classes around the world.

Ali Higson (Amera's Palace) - Arabic Percussion: Riq, Tabla and Sagat

Wednesday 15 January, 7-9pmAli Higson

Banging on stuff is fun... but it's more fun if you know what you're doing. Learn to create a variety of sounds on your chosen percussion instrument, play some common Arabic rhythmic patterns, and create a piece with other percussionists. Ali will offer instruction on playing the Arabic tabla (darabuka), riqq (Arabic tambourine) and sagat (also known as zills or finger cymbals). Maybe even try all three. Instrument hire will be available: please request in advance.

Suitable for: absolute beginners; those with a little percussion experience who feel rusty and need a refresher; those who've tried one instrument and are keen to try another.

Ali Higson runs the long established Amera's Palace Bellydance School and Boutique, in Marrickville, Sydney, where she also teaches Arabic percussion. Ali has a fun and dynamic teaching style. With decades of performance experience behind her, and 20 years of playing Arabic percussion, she has oodles of knowledge to share. Her passion is rhythm interpretation for the bellydancer, and she loves supporting dancers to create their own percussion with confidence and joy.

Tara Yasmin - MuwashahatTara Yasmin

Monday 20 January, 7-9pm

The lineage and musical complexity of mwashahat can be daunting; it can refer to a style of poetry, a type of music, or a style of fusion dance inspired by Al Andalus. In this workshop Tara will provide an introduction to the roots of mwashahat, and a break down some of the complex rhythms that typify the style, and combinations to cement these in our muscle memory. By the conclusion of the workshop you will have an increased understanding of the inspiration and aesthetic of mwashahat, tools to identify and unpack the rhythms, and the confidence to make this style your own.

Suitable for Beyond Beginner / Intermediate bellydance students and upwards, including advanced and professional dancers wanting to expand their repertoire. Bring ballet slippers (or foot undies or socks) for turns.

Tara Yasmin has been performing raqs sharqi ('bellydance') since 2007. After discovering Syrian mwashahat late one night while smoking argileh with friends, Tara fell in love with this mysterious and complex style of classical Arabic music. She has travelled widely to learn how to translate this poetry into motion with internationally acclaimed teachers including Nesma (Spain) and Faisal Zedan (Syria; USA).

Andrea Syd (Inspire Bellydance) - Iraqi Hacha'a Dance

Wednesday 29 January, 7-9pmAndrea

Each region of the Middle East has its own unique and distinctive dance and music. Iraq is home to several folkloric dances, many of them characterized by hairwork, head shimmies, hopping moves, floorwork, gestures with the arms and hands, and more. We'll explore Hacha'a, probably the most popular Iraqi style amongst belly dancers of the West. The feel is very grounded with hips connected to the upper body. Learn the basic steps (also different shimmy layered moves), basic hair technique, and combinations to consolidate what you've learnt.

Suitable for Beyond Beginner bellydance students and upwards, including advanced and professional dancers wanting to expand their repertoire.

Bring knee padding. Shoes are not traditional, but as there are some high impact moves, you might prefer to wear sneakers with some support. Some moves are not suitable for anyone with neck/shoulder or knee injuries (you can still attend, but be aware that you might just observe some sections).

Hailing from Mexico, Andrea is a popular dancer on the Sydney circuit who has particular expertise in Lebanese and Iraqi stylings. You might have seen her performing a powerful duet at the Cairo Connection show, or as an invited guest at an Iraqi cultural event organised in conjunction with Terezka's Divine Danse Orientale group. Andrea has been teaching with Inspire Bellydance since 2015 and has developed a loyal following at her city classes. Students love the fun, fresh ideas she brings to class each week. Andrea is excited to share her love of Iraqi music and dance.


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