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Theatrical Bellydance with Natalie Diggins

Theatrical Bellydance with Natalie Diggins (WA)

"Expressive movement is what makes people interesting to watch, not technique alone."

18-19 May 2019 in Marrickville, Sydney NSW.

A weekend to be imaginative and playful as you explore how theatrical concepts can be applied to dance; to create, express, engage and entertain.

In this series of workshops, Natalie encourages dancers to explore their natural physical responses to what they hear, present credible and engaging characters, and become performance literate, whilst remaining loyal to the form and styles of belly dance. Imaginative, energising, practical and loads of fun; approach your dancing from a fresh perspective, open up your dancer's toolbox and add some important new skills. You will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone. You will, however, love it and have an absolute ball!

All classes are suitable for all levels of dancers. Each class stands alone, but they also feed into one another.

About Natalie

Natalie made her directorial debut in 1984 with her musical adaptation of The Nativity, presented to her Year One class. It got mixed reviews. Since that time she has delighted in learning from, and working with, some of the most creative and inspiring people in the theatre industry; and is now an award-winning, professional Drama teacher and director. Natalie encourages dancers to understand their space, create character, and use theatrical techniques to add depth, context, impact and interest to their choreographies and general dance practice. Her wealth of knowledge and practical experience, delivered with humour and honesty, makes her a popular teacher both in and out of the belly dance community.

Other dancers say:

This was a very, very, very satisfying bunch of workshops indeed. Has totally revolutionized the way I think about movement, not just in dance but in my everyday life. You have once again successfully reinvigorated in me the desire and confidence to CREATE! Shimmy your way to Natalie's next workshop at your earliest possible convenience, you won't regret it.
- Sally Hughes, Australia

Thank you Natalie for such an amazing weekend of workshops. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you. The depth of your knowledge, your utter professionalism and sparkling sense of humour made this weekend beyond brilliant. I am so excited to put into practice what you taught - thank you for the most amazing thing - inspiration. The Perth
dance community is blessed to have you.
- Samantha Capone, Australia

I first took a workshop on Laban with Natalie at WAMED in 2013 and became an instant fan. Her years of experience and knowledge as an educator and theatre professional, her passion for the work of Rudolf Laban along with her ability to make everyone feel comfortable combine to create a fun and enriching learning experience. Natalie is also an accomplished Belly Dancer which means she speaks our language, her specialist workshops can help bridge the gap in movement theory and stage craft that is often not taught in regular Belly Dance classes. As a teacher I have referred to her work often. I would highly recommend taking a workshop with Natalie no matter what level you are in your Belly Dance journey.
- Regan Gardner, Director of Bellydance Arabesque in Adelaide

I have had the pleasure of taking several workshops with Natalie over the past few years, both in
Perth and when she has been a guest in Adelaide. Her workshops are fun, interesting and inspiring
(just like Natalie herself). Natalie’s knowledge of dance and performance/stagecraft are superlative and her teaching style is very accessible. There is something for everyone, from the beginner student through to professional dancer. Natalie will teach you not just how to dance the steps but how to infuse them with emotion, move them across the stage with intent and engage your audience at a much deeper level.
- Wendy Hughes, Australia

Workshop Descriptions

Creating Character

Saturday 18 May, 11am-1pm
It's ok to use the "C" word in belly dance.
Sometimes we can become preoccupied with the technical aspects of our dance, at the expense of our creativity. With help from theatre giant Stanislavski, we will explore ways to create a character and structure simple narrative through music. Suitable for all levels.

Making an Impact: Tempo, Duration and Spatial Relationships

Saturday 18 May, 2-4pm
Theatrical techniques to communicate a story, and make an impact on your audience.
Discover how the space between people and objects can convey their relationships. Then, experiment with the tempo and duration of movements to reveal their expressive qualities. By putting these techniques into practice, you can create "viscerally dynamic moments of theatre" both as a solo performer and as a group. Suitable for all levels.

Expressive Actions

Sunday 19 May, 11am-1pm
Shake up your old routine and find simple actions to shift those creative blocks.
Bring awareness to what you are doing with your body and why. In this workshop we will have great fun exploring and experimenting with some actions from Ann Hutchinson Guest's The Movement Alphabet. This practical exploration will expand and enhance your movement vocabulary and its expressive quality. You'll also learn some simple 'motif notation' (a way to write down important elements of a dance). All levels welcome.

Laban: Space, Weight, Time and Flow

Sunday 19 May, 2-4pm
Sold out WAMED 2014, Majma Dance Festival UK 2016
Rudolf Laban is widely considered to be the grandfather of modern dance and movement studies.
This workshop focuses on Laban's concepts of Space, Weight, Time and Flow. These can be applied to any movement; for dancers, they can describe how we respond to rhythm and melody. This workshop helps you focus on the movement energy you use, how you use it and where you send it. You will learn a clear framework to observe and describe movement more effectively, which will also help you understand the dynamics and mechanics of any movement. This workshop happily applies to dancers, theatre makers, educators and all interested people.

Workshop locations:

Workshops 1-3 at Sydney Vintage Dance Studio, Level 1, 249 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW

Workshop 4 is just across the road at Amera's Palace Bellydance Boutique, Level 2, 314 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW

Workshop Prices and Bookings:

Enrol in multiple workshops for a discounted rate.

Middle Bird
(by 2 May)
Full Price
(from 3 May)
One workshop
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Three workshops
Full weekend: 4 workshops

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We can't wait to dance with you!

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