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Workplace / Corporate Dance Classes

Bring all the benefits of dance to your business or office!

All of our classes:

will be tailored to the specific needs of your workplace environment and employees. They are suitable for women and men of all ages and backgrounds; no dance experience is required. The emphasis is on having fun while connecting socially and to our bodies.

One-off events for special occasions are a fun 'taster' activity, highlighting the particular cause or occasion. We hope they will inspire your staff to seek further exercise or dance opportunities.

Ongoing weekly classes will cultivate a greater level of skill and/or physical fitness, depending on the goals and expectations of the group. Regular exercise has tremendous benefits to health as well as developing a cohesive social group. If desired, the classes can lead towards a performance at your annual end of year or awards event!

World Dance / Zumba Gold:

can be done by men and women. Take a little tour of the world in dance! We'll learn a little bit of salsa, a bit of Bollywood, a bit of Greek line dancing, and much more. Difficulty level can be modified for your participants. Lots of laughs guaranteed!

Belly dancing:

is recommended for all-female groups. Through connecting to the body we gain confidence as well as demystifying an ancient tradition. It's fun and feminine. We can focus on body awareness, on improvisational skill, or develop a routine for potential performance.

A specific theme:

Want your staff to perform a routine at your company Christmas party or awards night? We can choreograph and teach your team in any style you need, to match your theme or company message. We'll keep it simple and fun so that no dance experience is needed, but it'll be fabullous for group rapport and be a funny, memorable addition to your event.

You need to provide:

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Inspire! Bellydance and Zumba Fitness classes in Sydney NSW Australia.

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