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Styles of Bellydance / Oriental Dance

A quick guide to the range of authentic Middle Eastern and Fusion dance styles taught at Inspire Bellydance.

For Beginner Students For More Advanced Students

Technique Courses

Choreography Courses and Styles

Oriental styles


Folkloric Styles

Contemporary and Fusion

For Beginner students:

Our Beginners (Fundamentals) classes are focussed on classical Egyptian Oriental belly dance. With its relaxed, centred look it is very safe for the body. Egypt is the cultural centre of the Arabic world, so this style forms the foundation for all other bellydance styles.

Technique courses teach all the core "families" of movements such as hip lifts and drops, shimmies and circles. You will also learn a variety of common footwork steps. Then, we explore how to transition between moves, and how to match moves to music. At the end of this course you will know lots of moves and start to be able to dance in a social context. If you want to learn to dance for sheer pleasure; or to dance socially at weddings and other events in the Lebanese or Arabic community; then this course is perfect for you.

Choreography courses also teach many of the main bellydance movements, but this time you will learn a routine. Optiionally, you'll have the opportunity to perform as well. Whether or not you choose to perform, learning a routien helps you to understand how movements are matched to music and how to transition between moves, as well as developing your spatial awareness and memory.

Choreographies can take various styles, and even use props. Here are some of the music / dance styles that Fundamentals classes have enjoyed in the past:

As you can see, there's plenty to learn, so please expect to continue with Fundamentals for at least a year. Once you have explored several of these styles and are feeling confident with the foundation movement vocabulary - both improvisationally, and in routines - you'll be ready to explore a greater range of styles in our higher level classes.

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For Beyond Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students:

Once you know your foundation moves and have mastered a couple of simple choreographies, it's time to explore the full richness or Middle Eastern dance. There are so many techniques, cultural variations, modern fusions and props to master, you'll never get bored! Which one will be your favourite?

Egyptian Oriental (Raqs Sharqi) and Raqs Balady

The elegant dance form that can be considered 'classical' bellydance. Courses focussed on Raqs Sharqi may include:


Middle Eastern dance can use various props to add excitement and challenge to your dancing. They include modern and traditional props.

Intermediate Bellydance class

Folklore from Egypt and beyond

It's important for serious dancers to undersstand the origins of our dance, and its regional variations. The Arabic, Turkish and North African world is rich with dance styles that represent particular regions and peoples. There are too many to list, but here are some we've tried so far.

Contemporary and Fusion

Bellydance continues to evolve, as dancers all over the world fuse it with other styles. We occasionally invite guest teachers to instruct in these styles:


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