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Celebrating 10 Years of Quality
Belly Dance & Zumba Gold Classes in Sydney

Join us to have fun, get fit and feel great.

"Feel Fabulous, Be inspired!"

Bellydance class students

What's On:

Term 4 course bookings are open. Join us!

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"The Cairo Connection":
An Evening of Middle Eastern Dance, Music and Culture

What We Do:

Belly Dancing is an ancient dance of joy and celebration, originating in Egypt. It now empowers women throughout the world. You too can enjoy learning the beautiful art of bellydancing in the friendly environment of our belly dancing classes for beginners and beyond.

Zumba Gold - Toning is a fun new way to stay fit and have a 'wiggle and a giggle'. Our unique beginner-friendly, low impact classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Laugh and sweat while getting a taste of dance and music from all over the world.

Classes are suitable for women of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.

Classes are held in 8 locations around Sydney:

City - East - North - Inner West - South

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Students in belly dance classWhat students say...

"It's a pleasure being in your class...
I have been in the beginners class for twelve wonderful months and enjoyed every moment. I've learnt so much and it's such a pleasure to be amongst a great group of friendly and lovely ladies. We've become like family. Every week I look
forward to belly dance class.

I am so excited and looking forward to the next chapter in my belly dancing journey. I am going to bring my training wheels along to the intermediate classes
and do the best I can and enjoying the challenge at the same time.
" - Regina

"It was lovely meeting you. I truly enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to next Wednesday. The class was comprehensive, enjoyable and inspiring. I tried another class last year and I was disappointed as I found the techniques were not clearly explained. In one lesson with you I understood the techniques behind the moves. Incredible and so simple, just need lots of practice now!" - Virginie

"Zumba was so much fun. And the belly dancing - you are such an awesome teacher! It was great to be back in a proper dance class! So many people who say they teach belly dancing, it's all just mucking around .. it was so great to learn technique in a comfortable environment. Can't wait til next week!" - Railene

Thanks again for a wonderful year of belly dancing classes. I've enjoyed it so much, and I think your energy, professionalism and community spirit make it a super special class. I look forward to next year!" - Sarah

"I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the class and the routine that we are doing. I feel so inspired to do more, learn more, accomplish more and be better! Thank you for giving so much to us in your classes." - Julianne

"I am loving the class, watching you just inspires me!"
- Renee

"Thankyou Rachel SO much! You're totally brilliant and very patient. I've loved it all!" - Robyn

"Your classes keep me sane! They're one thing I can consistently look forward to, and no matter how I feel beforehand I always feel absolutely incredible afterwards. I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic thing you've done for me." - Kerry

"Love it! The class is well-structured and Rachel is a good teacher! So thanks Rachel - and to anyone who is thinking about joining, do it now!" - Carol

"Fantastic class... nice and intimate and because we are learning such a variety of moves in one session, the time flies and you've done a workout without realising! Highly recommend this class." - Marika

Rachel bellydancers and bellydancing teachersWhy take belly dancing or Zumba Gold classes?

FUN - it's a new way to express yourself, giving you plenty of groovy new moves for the dancefloor, better rhythm, and inspiring your creativity. Enjoy feeling your body move like never before!

FITNESS - Dancing improves core strength, flexibility and body awareness. Some students find that belly dancing also relieves back pain and period pain, while Zumba is a more cardio form of exercise that can help you lose weight. It is rewarding for people of any age or fitness level.

EXOTIC - the movements and music are entrancing, reflecting their cultural origins, and bringing a touch of exotic spice into your life. You even get to dress up for special events.

MAKE FRIENDS - connect with other women who share the desire to learn to dance!

Inspire! Bellydance and Zumba Fitness classes in Sydney NSW Australia.

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